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Originally Posted by STEVIEHOOPS View Post
Thanks fella. Have you fettled with your X5 yet??? Be good to see some pics if you have.
Nah i pretty much spec'd up mine to the max even the sound system! The only thing i regret not getting was comfort entry to match the fast datsun. I have stuff like HUD which i would love in the FD.
Would like bigger wheels but the roads around Glasgow and my drive are seriously horrendous. Even in the X5 you have to drop into some of the potholes at crawling speed.

I have installed LI 'parking sensors' but going to have to get special brackets made up for the front as they sit too far back and are not effective. But that's about it.

Would like a tune, but doesn't appear to be one oh and paddles. 300bhp and 8 speed shouldn't need it, but i find that there are occasions where i miss it.