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Originally Posted by veloSpeed View Post
*** If you really want these lights, be prepared to deal with some annoying issues. ******

My personal experience with DEPO headlights w/ LED Ring Angel Eyes.

I replaced my halogens on my E90 328i with these beauties (sarcasm). Had them professionally installed by an experienced shop to avoid the trial and error approach. It all appeared to be a success until I got the first error on my way home. My right turn signal was out! I returned to the shop and they fixed the issue by refitting the bulb. A minor glitch I thought and got back on the road. A few miles later, BING, BING, BADABING! both turn signals failed randomly!!! WTF!!!!! Hide me from other Bimmers. Since I live 25 miles away from the shop, I decided to tough it out for a week before returning. In that week from hell, this annoyance happened about 25 times.

I went back to the shop and they decided to replace both headlights with a new set. No Joy, they both behaved the same way with the added bonus of not being able to adjust down the driver's side headlight (not self leveling). I am now that prick blinding all incoming traffic. But wait, there's more! It rained, and my high tech POS headlights fog up badly. ARRRGH, what an eyesore! The shop doesn't know how to solve the problem because is a design flaw, not and installation issue. The lights look awesome when they behave, IF and WHEN they behave. I'm really starting to regret getting them. I can only imagine how they'll behave a few months down the road.

The saga continues, and I'll be my 3rd set soon. Somehow I have the feeling it's going to be more of the same. I'll keep you posted.
Soooooo, I'm on the 3rd set. The adjustment has been resolved with a secondary pivot point located elsewhere in the assembly, according to the shop. Everything was working PURFECT and I was happy until the next morning. ARRRGH! My driver side turn signal was out, AGAIN! The shop, and everyone that has worked on these lights is confused, they used OEM bulbs to be safe, and no joy! These lights are possesed, FFFFF*CK!

But wait, there's more! The random LED flicker still there when the engine's running, OH JOY!

I turned a great German machine into unreliable crap with chinese aftermarket junk. I want BMW OEMs!!! At least they work the way they should, every time!