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Originally Posted by misterS3 View Post
I've been down to East Yorks a few times and yeh the roads are great. But i'd miss the nightlife of Glasgow!

As for ladies...i've never owned an RRS...... And i see more driving them than guys up in Glasgow (same goes for X5's and most SUV's!)

In Glasgow a flash car would put the ladies off or at least that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it
What and you've never bought me a coffee!!!! Wtf.

Hull is only up the road........just don't expect too high a class of company......that's a bit unkind to be fair lol. It is lively though, put it that way!

Ha, ha.......ok I believe you. Saw a 60 plate black fast Datsun t'other day on the A63 trundling along..........he had the window down and was smoking a cig. Now I smoke but NOT in my car........tut, tut.