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Leasing advice..

Hello fellow BMW lovers,

I am now about to lease my 2nd 335i e92 coupe ( previous 2008 e92 coupe was lemoned ) by end of this month. I previously made a mistake on leasing my previous BMW with a 5k down payment with 670 a month for 15k miles fully loaded. I do not want to make the same mistake as I have done so in the past because I realized that putting down payment on a lease is not good.

Now this time I do want to take full advantage of leasing a car by maximizing the MSD ( multiple security deposit program ) 4750$, with white, sport package, premium package, navigation, and with automatic tranny which comes out to 52000 MSRP. Now If I were to negotiate the car to 49000$-$50000 and with 0 down with 7 security deposits, what could be my expected payment for 10k miles, 12k miles, and 15k miles would be??!! Assuming that my residual value is 59%.. Also what would be my money factor %?!

I currently have 50k income per year, stable job, 750 credit with history of paid off accord.

It will be GREATLY APPRECIATED if someone can give me an input on this as I have been dying to get another 335i coupe but I want to be able to get the best deal possible on this one...