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Alright, I had the chance to check where exactly to find the Calibrate steering angle sensor is in the Bavarian Technic tool.


BMW 3-Series E90-E91-E92-E93 2005-2009



MSD80/MSD81 for 325i (N53), 335i FOR YOUR 328XI I THINK YOU WOULD CHOOSE "MSV80 for 328i"



click "OK"

Click "+" next to "Dynamic Stability Control (DXC)

If you select "Information" something should come up, otherwise go to "File" -> "Start over" and this time around select the DSC instead of DXC.

Click "Commands"

Click "Send" next to "Calibrate steering angle sensor"

Window opens saying to Align steering wheel to within 2 degrees of straight ahead. Reset Run Flat per owners manual. Fault codes will clear automatically. when complete cycle ignition

Align wheel as straight as you can. Select "Yes"

I didn't even do the Run Flat part.

To cycle ignition without depressing the brake pedal. I think you have to press the Start Stop button 4 times. (1 to accessory mode, 1 to off, 1 back to accessory mode, 1 back to ignition on.)

If you want you can try "Erase Fault Codes" under "Dynamic Stability Control (DXC)" but I don't think this is necessary.

Sorry I had the wrong section. I usually work late at night after my 5 yr. old boy goes to sleep otherwise he likes to help me. Sometimes I don't remember exactly where things are.

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