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Originally Posted by srcstc View Post
I'm doing this retrofit now. Already got the headliner portion out of the way. A couple observations...

- if you have this type of cover, with the slits for the motion sensor, then you don't need a new headiner like the BMW instructions dictate:

Even if your cover doesn't have the slits you can simply order a cover with slits.

- The headliner does not need to be removed! This cuts down on the time a lot. You just need to drop it down a few inches to run your wires. I only removed the passenger visor (2 screws), the catch for the visor (1 screw), the passenger grab handle(2 screws), the rubber/headliner moonroof trim (just pull) and the passenger A-Pillar cover (1 screw hidden behind the plastic SRS cap.) And obviously the moonroof switch panel and the panel behind the moonroof. I was then able to lower the headliner enough to run the wire. You can see that there is already a wire glued to the headliner going back there for the light. Just follow the same path for the motion sensor wiring.

- I have premium package and my car came with the correct mirror for alarm. I just had to add the 2 wires to the mirror connector as per the official instructions. That was easy.

- Right now I'm at the stage of the install where I have to add a wire to the back of the junction box (JBE). This is the hardest part of the install because the 4 screws holding it in are hard to reach. Once I'm done with this, the rest should be a walk in the park.
I received my OEM Alarm retrofit kit from Germany last week for my 2010 E90 LCI (9/2009). The part number of the kit changed according to BMW Germany from 65-12-0-399-635 to 65-12-2-167-738. I attached the pdf if anyone is interested. I paid $310 shipped from in Denmark. It took them five business days to get it from BMW and they then overnighted it to me using DHL.

I started the install this past Saturday and noticed after pulling down the headliner cover that it does not have the slits. So I have placed an order through Schmiedmann for this. My local BMW parts department is charging three times more than what I can get it from Schmiedmann's shipped.

My question is about my interior rear mirror. I have the Premium Package and the mirror has the compass, garage opener and auto dimmer. The clown nose on the mirror is a lot smaller than those I've see on this forum.

Without having to take the mirror off I was wondering if anyone knew if this is a redesign or if this will not work with the alarm?

Typical online clown nose:

This is the clown nose on my car:
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