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Originally Posted by E92westy View Post
I also posted about my woes on a non-car orientated forum and got a PM from a forum member who just happens to be a customer service manager at a dealership (no names no pack drill).
He says and I quote...
"I guess your BMW is a petrol 320?

These issues with the engine management system are a big problem and very well known to all dealers and BMW UK, although it does sound like you have had some terrible luck with this one in other areas too

I reckon the dealer will try and switch you into something else and if they do and you are willing to try another then be sure to get a diesel.

The current crop (built within last 5 years) of petrol models both 4 and 6 cylinder as you have found out can suffer repeat problems with coils/plugs/injectors/o2 sensors/high pressure pump and sensors."

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Ah, I see, not sure why I wrote remap when I meant software update, long day so far - same opinion stands anyway though

Much as I hate to say it, it's someone elses problem now. If anyone picks up a silver '08 320i MSport with GBE on the numberplate........sorry!!

At least we both got rid....