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Dropped my car off at the garage last night and got a ‘60’ plate 118d M Sport with 1,700 miles on as a courtesy car.
Reset everything for the commute this morning and accessed the hidden menu.
It took around 11 minutes to reach 80 degrees and then a further 4 to hit 86.
It then varied between 85 to 87 for the rest of the trip, around 50 minutes total.
This is very similar to my car, so probably safe to assume that mine is ‘normal’ in this respect.
What is different is the mpg….
Mines struggled to get 30mpg over the last two weeks and this one did 46.3mpg, both on the OBC.
Now I know an ‘07 E90 320d can’t compare directly to ‘60’ 318d but surely it’s an indicator that something’s not right.
Find out tomorrow, I guess…..