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Originally Posted by djsolution View Post
Man the only reason I can speak without doubt is because I double checked your post a few times thinking I must be crazy. I was on my back with my right shoulder against the tranny tunnel looking directly up at the blower motor. Trust me this job would have cost me lots more time and probably some broken interior panels without your writeup. The clockwise/couterclockwise thing was just a hiccup!
I'm still going to check when I get a chance. I looked at my old motor over the weekend and the all the mounting tabs (that go around the perimeter of the motor housing) are angled on the left (when the fan is facing up - like the installed position) inticating to me that you twist the motor in clockwise to install it. Maybe it's a perspective thing. LOL, anyway I can see now why the Bentley instructions were questionable, but they still totally screwed the part about the locking tab and indexing tab. Glad the write up helped.

After doing it once I bet I can swap out a E90 blower in ten minutes now.

Maybe I just shouldn't drink so much...