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Hi all,

I have posted on several threads regarding warranties and I wanted to give an update on what I just purchased.

I bought my 2007 E93 335i Vert used last year and have been searching for the best warranties for a fair price. Living in California many 3rd party warranty companies do not sell here due to some stricter laws. With what I was left with I was considering Warranty Direct, Ford ESP, and BMW EVP (Gold/Platinum).

Initially I was favoring Ford ESP, but late last year they jumped their prices from ~2800 to ~3800 for their top level PlatinumCare warranty (same 7/100 coverage). I was too late to the game and for that price might as well get the warranty backed by BMW. Warranty Direct prices were really attractive, but I ruled them out since I didn't want to deal with hassles with claims, not paying full labor prices, and other BS!

I actually hadn't been to a BMW dealership yet since no service was required since my purchase. I called just to verify when my warranty was expiring (2 months left) and they offered me a deal over the phone that I could not refuse ($100 over COST according to them)

7/100 Gold $2840 (~$3500 MSRP)
7/100 Platinum $3250 (~$4000 MSRP)

Since I have all the bells and whistles I went with the Platinum for full coverage. While I was signing the papers, the finance guy was explaining to me that for Jan/Feb dealerships get a bonus if they sell X amount of warranties. The month is almost over and they have a few more warranties to sell to meet that threshold and that is why I was given such a great deal. If you're in the market you may want to give your local dealerships a call, they may have an unadvertised sale to reach their numbers!

Has anyone seen better prices for 7/100 for 335i?

Almost forgot, those prices were out the door cost. No additional sales tax or any other charges on top.

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