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Originally Posted by JonnySi View Post
Well, i've had 1 4cyl which kicked at motorway speeds frequently. It had numerous coils, plugs etc but was never rectified. It never misfired fully, or had an eml light. After doing a compression test we found cyl3 slightly low. This cyl was very slightly scored and therefore a replacement block, pistons were fitted. Although this has cured that problem, it is only a matter of time before another misfire will occur due to how the N43 and N53 engines are. Please bear in mind the large number of these sold, and to have only 1 car this bad is not bad going. Look at Si's, mine has done 33k on 3 engines, and i am not alone!
This thread is full of stories that have one main theme in common: customers being repeatedly fobbed off by BMW, telling them either (a) there is nothing wrong with your car, or (b) we have fixed your car by replacing coils, software, whatever, or (c) both. After a few rounds of this they conclude with a piece of Orwellian logic: we cannot fix your car, therefore there is no problem with your car.

Right at the end of my struggle to get rid of my lemon, I was told by my local BMW dealership that there was no problem with my car, that they were demanding the courtesy car back, that they refused to give me anything in writing, and that they were basically washing their hands of me. on the same day, about an hour later, I was told by the vending dealer that BMW Germany had told them that the local BMW dealership (i.e. the ones who'd told me there was no problem with my car) had, that very day, informed BMW Germany that they had identified the problem, and fixed it. I can only assume that what was meant by this was that they had identified me as the problem, and had fixed it by telling me to f*** off.

It is an outrage that these direct injection engines are so prevalently faulty, and yet BMW continue to puff them in adverts etc., as do an entirely cowed and complacent press.