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Originally Posted by RedW View Post
I have (temporarily) given up on integrating the IPOD as it's just too bloody expensive!

So I'm using the aux in. I have ordered the monster ultra low profile charger and now want a short 3.5mm jack to jack cable. I am currently using one that is 1.8m long!

Looking at the US threads on this topic, I can see that they can easily get hold of the 8 inch gold cable from Radio Shack and one poster even mentioned a 1 inch cable.

I have trawled the net and simply can't find anything short. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

My advice is not to get a short one.

Instead get a 'belkin sports jacket' for your ipod. It's a neoprene wrap around cover for the pod which has the advantage of being totally non stick.

This means that you can take your ipod out of the armrest and lay it on the centre console where it will sit happily in arms reach while driving.

If you get a shorty cable it will have to live in the armrest where you won't be able to reach the click wheel.