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I began to get caught up in it to. Mostly because I have a few friends that play online and we have a lot of laughs while playing.

Also they couldt get the License for the Lambos because it was too expensive. Ferrari made the better deal so they left those in. They are planning more cars to be release along with motorcycles at some point after they put out the patch to fix the server issues, and people losing their game data to corruptions. It happened to my friend on Monday night. He was a level 41 and had a bunch of cars and 4 million bucks, then he had something weird happen while in one of his houses. His avatar fell through the floor and ended up outside and able to walk anywhere he wanted to. It is was funny at first until his game corrupted. I told him he should call Atari or Eden and demand they do something for him after all that time he put in and just lost everything because they put out a broke ass game.

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Is this "new" game just a map pack with fewer cars?
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