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I totally agree with what you are saying, I definately think it should be included and there are several people that have got it without paying for it. I'm not sure if this is due to it being new and the dealers are un prepared.
When I spoke to my dealer, I quietly explained that they needed to order one for it, as BMW factory were not supplying them although they are part of the option. They have gone along with it so far, and have it in stock, so lets see.

Interestingly it is supplied in the US (Although I think a few people have also had to pay for it), however in Canada it isn't. This however is reflected in the price. I think (And dont quote me) its a $400 option in US, and $350 option in Canada.

If you were to play the currency game at $2 to £1 then its a $400(£205) option in the UK,hence the cable comes in! However there is absolutely no mention of Ipod or a cable being needed for it anywhere in the latest price list? All the way its labelled as a USB interface!

Either way the setup is still awesome and I'm having an Ipod cable, by hook or by crook (Ie paying for it )

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