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Originally Posted by urbanite23 View Post
So I am setting up my tint appt for this week. More than likely I am getting 20% tint all around. Have you guys gotten pulled over alot or the tint being an excuse to get pulled over at night?
Well it all depends on which city you live in. My officers use it as an excuse to check my license and see if there's anything outstanding, etc. It's just a fix it ticket and when they do pull you over, if you're nice about the situation then they'll just tell you to take it off and not deal with the hassel of the law.

Also be aware of your surroundings, if you see a cop ahead, don't park next to him at a light. Another thing, I rarely see BMW, Mercedes, higher end autos getting pulled over. Unless it's an old beater that someone made it into a ricer.

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