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Originally Posted by 323iMarto View Post
My guess, and its just a guess is that because the PE is the only part in the BMW Performance range of accessories that really changes the base characteristics of the car (i.e. alot of the the other options are costmetic) that it might have to go through some special ADR approval process. I would expect there would be costs involved in this and lots of paperwork for what is essentially a niche part and BMW simply can't be bothered for the 50-100 units they might actually sell to enthusiasts like us. Easier just not to offer it at all.
Your reasoning would make sense, except that the 160kW 2.5 litre N52 was sold in Europe and UK from 2005 until 2007, prior to the introduction of the N53 engine. I think a similar engine is still sold in Canada in the 323i base model. So this question applies to markets other than Australia.

I wanted to ask if your Euro performance muffler includes a pneumatically operated valve on one of the exhaust outlets. I think such a system is used on the 330i in UK and Europe, but is not used on our 325i's as delivered to Australia.