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It is really nice to see a few more individuals that are coming out and posting on e90 that actually understand tuning and even some who tune their own cars and help others tune as well.

Its funny because we all post the same facts and information and get opposed with illogical and uninformed opinions. Some of us do it nicely and others are just fed up with the ignorance that some people bring in.

It just simply astonishes me that people can rationalize an arguement that relying on a safety feature because it is so advanced is sufficient compared to actually tuning the car and leaving that safety feature as just that - a safety feature - back up for those conditions out of your control where knock occurs.

Different platforms require different tuning styles - STYLES. That means that each platform has different timing curves. Some heads flow better than others. Some cars can run leaner than others. That much is true (and more examples but you get the point). The one thing that every platform has in common is that safe engine tuning practices consist of tuning boost, afr, and timing and monitoring many parameters to ensure they are done properly, safely, and make power with the first characteristics in mind. Eliminating knock and monitoring EGTs, AFRs, Oil temps, etc. can really tell you alot. Monitoring for knock is crucial (and all of the above temps and values can tell you why you knocked). No tuner would let a car they are tuning leave with the customer that knocks, knocks a lot, or knocks occassionally. If they did they wouldn't get customers. It happens all the time. I can name multiple shops and tuners that went out of business because of poor timing maps and cars knocking more then once in a blue moon.