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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
You and I def show the same understanding of how tuning should be applied. The difference that I have a low tolerance for ignorant spiteful members who know they are wrong but continue to post because they feel the need to justify their incorrect logic.
I'm assuming you don't have kids?

I have a two year old son... and that kid has taught me more about patience and learning to let things go than any other experience I've ever encountered haha!! I'm a fairly technical person in many regards, but man, try being logical with a toddler!!

That combined with being a moderator on other boards for a couple years (most mods/admins get called out/talked trash to on a fairly regular basis haha), and spending a good amount of time in Nasioc's OT section (talk about a number of fairly clever, foul-mouthed, trash talking, yet strangely comical reprobates there are over there haha)... well, what another anonymous person says online doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to!

The way I figure it, if people really want to learn, they'll at least make an attempt to listen to what another person has to say (even if they're wrong), but otherwise, not much you can do about it IMO.

Just my $.02
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