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Forced Induction FTW!
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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
No kids here...don't want any for at least 3 years either. Your name sounds familiar from
I've had a few different screen names over the years (mostly this one and arctic_blue83), but never spent much time on Back when I rocked my MS6, I mostly frequented until a few buddies and I setup (CMZC), at which time I spent a lot more time on local boards that I did national boards. I just preferred working with people locally, putting faces with screen names ect.

You're Laloosh right? I remember you being a bit of a guinea pig for CP-E back in the day lol. I actually worked with Jordan at CP-E back in the day and introduced the idea of developing an upgraded HPFP back when those cars were running lean around ~3500rpm or so when upping the boost (yeah, that long ago haha)... but sadly I sold the car prior to the release of their HPFP. I also soldered in the first Standback in a MS3 in this state (CO) in my buddy Josh's car... their first variation, I remember not caring for the axes (I think they were referencing TPS or something to that effect for a load reference on the original version?!? That takes me back...), but I know they eventually updated it to use a real load reference. I won't lie, I was never a big fan of Mazda's ECU's.. ridiculous throttle plate partial closure at high RPM's, horrid stock tunes, finicky at best ... and don't get me started about the piss poor, heat soak laden TMIC design haha! I'm glad to see the aftermarket has addressed most of those issues for that community though
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