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Originally Posted by roninsoldier83 View Post
Although over the long-term, mild to moderate detonation can exasperate particle wear, which can cause various parts to wear prematurely as particles are carried throughout the oil system prior to being trapped in the oil filter.

Just my $.02

Great post Brandon!

Would like to repeat myself from some of the other threads and emphasize your point quoted above. People who subject these engines to excessively agressive tunes owe it to the future buyer to do an engine oil analysis at least once a year. Search for some of the Mr. 5 threads on the subject to get baseline numbers by which you can judge the effectiveness of your tune and put all of the hypothetical arguments for and against one type of tune or the other to bed. Some dude doing WOT runs as a part of his daily drive on a mild flash tune is probably doing the same engine wear damage as a guy who is rarely gets into it with a JB3 on off-brand cheap gas. But it's easy to find out.

I find all of the hypotheticals rather tiring because the reality is that none of us know the Siemens MSD80/81 control logic well enough to have any real idea as to what it's capable of doing or not.