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Originally Posted by JPSlick View Post
N54 targets load, so its not targeting manifold PSI.
IDK the specific limitations but the N54 Logic is designed to make ~300HP in any conditions.

So if its scorching hot out, and 2000 ft elevation, it will allow for more boost to make up for it.

If your at Sea Level, 30 degrees, it will lower boost, to achieve only 300 HP. So the car never really has that much of an advantage in cool weather as some people would like. It also pushes the car pretty hard if conditions arent ideal to get the HP back.

What this does is make a really good day, the same as a really bad day.

Not ideal for tuning for max power, as you could imagine, tuning in 30 degrees at sea level would yield a lot more power efficiently then at 90+ degrees in high elevation.

To the tuning world, its A$$ backwards.
While the DME is setup to attempt to make the same calculated torque regardless of conditions, I can attest that it is unable to make the same torque/peak power numbers at high elevations as it does at sea level.

I say that because I've seen several 335's at a local drag strip (Bandimere Speedway), which has an elevation of about ~5800 ft. The average trap speed for a stock 335 up here seems to be around the 95mph mark, which is a far cry from the 100-105mpg trap speeds most people seem to be pulling at sea level. 91 octane piss water and uber-thin air FTL
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