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Ugh - people don't get it!!! Frustrating.

Adding race gas to a cobb tune WILL NOT raise timing beyond their set points and those setpoints are a few degrees LOWER than the stock timing curve. That is how you tune - as boost increases timing decreases. That is why TUNING is good. Mike would have you believe its not the correct way to do things - but every single expert tuner in the world would say otherwise (maybe they just don't understand the N54 because it is so adaptive lol). The point is - with a tune like the AP you (or Cobb since ATR isn't out yet) creates set points that are intended to be lower than the threshold so that you don't ever experience knock. For some cars that heat soak they may still be too high and just need to be lowered. Overall - this means that those timing values are the max - adding racegas won't change anything. That is why you have multiple maps you can run. With all of my cars I have pump gas maps, race gas maps, meth maps, and sometimes economaps (google lean burn in terms of road trips and such). Just because the dme is so adaptive doesn't mean you should use that to ride the reliability threshold (knock knock) - it means you should tune slightly below it so that it isn't needed - but is a GREAT backup for extremely harsh conditions if they ever occur.