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Originally Posted by BeenieMan View Post
nobody said raise it above its max setpoint that is offset some from stock... just that it does adapt period.. Mike said if it raised timing with race gas prior, then some timing was lowered because of knock... clap said it wouldnt raise it (with his car) ... adding in the whole 'above max set point' is changing the context of what was being discussed with adaptation being used in the process.

the point of a tune being overly aggressive without offsetting timing was just shown to still be the case with Cobb (which does offset max set points), since clap himself said it was too aggressive without full bolt-ons
To aggressive when taken to the extreme, not too aggressive for daily driving and occasional fun. The reason race gas won't add timing is because my car (with all the bolt on and good conditions) is already hitting the preset timing tables. Adding racegas, wont raise timing, cause it is already maxed out.

I have seen rouhgly 9-10 degree of advance at 7000rpm, stock wants to see btwn 13-14. My timing curve under wot usually goes to 4-5 degrees and comes up to 9-10 by the reve limiter. The stock car never falls under 10 if you arnt knocking. So cobb essential lowered ignition anywhere from 3-6 degrees depending on the boost maping. Which sounds about perfect.