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BeenieMan - we are saying the same thing...

Basically what I am saying is that proper tuning (lowering max timing) is the way to go. The Cobb OTS maps are fine - go to the track and it would help to lower the timing a bit more (which is the whole point of this discussion and just further supports the fact that Mike is babbling nonsense) because conditions become "more harsh" while rowing through the gears from a dead stop to 11x mph.

Case and point - if you set timing properly the car will never knock. Being able to tune the car like every other platform (because tuning is tuning no matter the platform - just different values but the same principles) will allow us to achieve this. If I had ATR I can set my car to almost NEVER knock. I could make a second map with much higher timing values and a bit more lean so that I could run racegas. Mike's arguement is to let the car do all the adapting on one map and don't touch timing as the stock ecu will knock its way into a lower timing set - until it tries to ramp up again and knock its way back down. Irregardless - one method doesn't involve knocking - one does - in the tuning world that decision wouldn't even be questioned by a 2 year old.

You are spot on with the meth comment. I often recommend people I help/tune/build run 50/50 mix on a moderate nozzle and not always tune for it. This car will adapt to the fueling as you are supplying some fuel (meth doesnt supplement all that much but it does have enough of a presence) but overall it will simply reduce charge temps and lower egt allowing for a more efficient combustion process.