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Originally Posted by Joshboody View Post
I take it other platforms control power by boost which makes more sense in the tuning aspect cause you are targeting a volume of air which more appropriately fits the engine plumping. We cannot do that here... unless we replace the ECU (i guess).
I have limited experience, based on my cars that I've messed with tuning, but most platforms its based on mods, boost, octane,and timing. From what I've seen, if you are running a large turbo that can easily push more air than you would want on pump gas, you would lower timing to keep from knocking while keeping the turbo in max efficiency range for the most power. But, our platform is different, and our small turbos can run close to max timing from what I've seen around 15psi. This still depends on mods and octane. Hopefully more testing is done, like with a Cobb tuner, that can show the same car with say 12 psi at 15 degrees timing vs 15 psi at 10 degrees timing.

My 300zx had a very primitive knock control system. The flash tune I used had conservative timing maps, but could still knock on bad conditions, and when it did, the ecu just went to safety boost (ie limp mode) until the car was turned off. The bmw has a very sophisticated way of adapting it over time, which may seem scary, but I'd also like to see what logic the dme goes through when lowering timing and adapting it back up.