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The DME reaction to knock sensor feedback is progressive.
Meaning it can determine the severity of a knock event?

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Normally it operates within a range than reduces timing in small amounts of say 1/4 degree. If knock sensor noise is above that range it overreacts with 3 degrees.
By “overreacting,” do you mean responding exactly as intended by the BMW engineers based on a serious knock event?

Mike, again:

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Please explain how the Subaru system is not closed loop.
Here is an explanation on the Subaru knock control system:

How does BMW’s system differ? I can go and set my timing tables on my Subaru so that it also knocks on pump gas (not that I would.) The knock control system will circumvent the knock through feedback knock correction, fine learning knock correction and IAM adjustment. If I put race gas in, the system will then advance timing back up in response to the higher octane. Again, how is this different from what BMW is doing?