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Here are some pics from my mod... if anyone's curious I just used a regular pen cap from a Papermate ink pen...

4 pieces of credit card plastic sized similar to the original piece (small slits cut out) (glue these together now):

original length:

At first, i made my piece the same length as the original; this is wrong since the original piece does not touch the inside of the button all the way, so it needs to be about 8mm longer(final piece):

Place both pieces and compare the height before gluing the pen cap and card pieces:

Once satisfied, glue the pen cap and card pieces together and put the circuit board on and test how the new button feels when pressed; it should have a similar feel as the front fog button... if so snap everything all back and you're done!

Rear fogs (there's ice over the rear lights):

Rear fogs w/ braking:

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