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Originally Posted by themyst View Post
I just read that entire thread and found nothing about fixing this issue via coding. Could you link to the specific post that outlines a fix for this issue?

-edit I took my car back to the dealer, and they said there is nothing they can do until another software update is released with the fix. Apparently they had five cars with the same issue this past week and BMW is aware of the issue. How true that is, I don't know.
Using NCS Expert and the OBDII cable:

- connect cable to car
- open NCSExpert
- select ExpertMode as your profile
- read your VIN/VO (VO = FA)
- select CIC ECU
- select Process ECU

NCSExpert will code your CIC to your car VO and production date. So all the incorrect MY2011.5 variable values will be replaced automatically with your production date variable values. Your CIC will shut down at completion of the process and when it comes back it will match your current hardware, while keeping all the enhancements of the update.

That's it. I fixed mine this way, and that was after getting my CIC updated by an aftermarket vendor.

For example, the Combox values will be replaced by MULF, the Satellite (SDARS) variable will be changed from inbox (as in built in tuner of MY2010-on CIC) to exbox (external/trunk tuner of MY2009 CIC) and so on.