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Being updated - will have links from the old thread
with significant info for the N55

UPDATED 03-06-2012
***N55 E90 MOD LIST

N55 F30 is different than the N55 E90
performance mod wise... stay tune /// list below is for E90 N55.

N55 DME CODE LIST by [N55]

  1. Vishnu - // Procede available FULL TUNE
    (INFO 1 DYNO)
    (INFO 2)
    note: updated fuel sensor and maps //
    new map N55 10-08 go to website to download -
    2step and NLS not available for N55 yet.
    crank sensor postion pict
  2. BMS - JB (stage 2 aka: JB4) available
    (LINK of DYNO)
    ( (JB+) INFO LINK)
    note: JB+ with upgraded BMW N55 software nulls gains on the tune, read
    the link. Waiting on upgraded JB+ to work with new bmw software update.
    JB+ discontinued - JB Stage 2 in the works with CAN features
  3. BMW Performance Power Kit - available
    note: special incentive from bmw for upgrade / under 600$ for kit without
  4. GIAC - in still in development ??? months out. note: flashloader handheld device for N54 <<< no new news
  5. COBB - (INFO) ***NEW 12/2012
  6. ESS - (Pavel with DYNO
  7. ShifTECH - (member from France -DYNO) for u guys out of the STATES. was flashed.
  8. Eurocharged (AKA: LET)
    (INFO LINK) *u may have to scroll down on the page for info.//
    note: will need to bench flash // location Chicago. no handheld device
    as of yet.
  9. PP-Performance (INFO LINK)
    note: german tuning - sold through US from Performing Imports -
    this is a bench flash - ECU needs to be removed and sent out for
    upgrade (INFO LINK)
  10. Paw tuning - bench flash
  11. Gintani / OE Tuning Flash
    (INFO LINK) this is said to be a FLASH via OBDII port
  12. Active Autowerke Flash
    (INFO LINK) Bench Flash ECU needs to be sent in.
  13. Dinan - (stage 2) (DYNO)

  1. AR Design 4" Catless UPDATE: // available
  2. ICARBON 4" Catless (tested by HP Autowerkes - dyno on link)
  3. ICARBON 4" Catted - (single cats on the downpipe opposed to 2)
  4. Vishnu DP 3.5" Catless
    (DYNO-from Sakebomb)
  5. Berk Technology 4" DP
  6. RSD Prototype DP (info bavarianx)
  7. Agency Power DP
  8. CP-E 5" DP
  9. BMS 3.5" DP
  10. RPI DP (single output instead of dual output)
  11. Active Autowerke 4" DP

note: great gains from 3.5" DP and 4" DP.
oem DP are dual catted.

goin catless, will make it smelly period.
options are - high flow cats on the mid-pipes or
single catted version of the DP.

  1. HP Autowerkes Foam Filter drop in (INFO LINK)
  2. AFE Filter drop in (INFO LINK)
  3. K&N drop in filter (INFO LINK)
  5. AFE Intake system - (prep'd for APRIL delivery) (INFO LINK)
  6. RSD (Racing Sport Design) Intake (in development)
  7. STETT Performance Intake (in the works)
  8. GruppeM (INFO LINK)
  9. BMS Intake (INFO LINK)

  1. VISHNU Charge pipe w/ meth fitting - released.
    (Official release LINK)
    (Large and in Charge)
    (Large and in Charge more details)
  2. RSD Charge Pipe
    (in production INFO LINK)
  3. STETT Charge Pipe (released more info to come)
  4. Evolution RaceWerks Charge pipe.
  5. BMS Charge pipe -made by CPE - released.
    (Official release LINK)

  1. STETT Performance (released info to come)
  2. Helix (UPDATE - released PiCT LINK) (PICTS)
  3. CX Racing (----)
  4. FORGE - MADE for N55 w/ OEM C-CLIP mount(PiCT LINK)
  5. Dinan (similar to the N54 design)
  6. ETS 5" intercooler (Sloppy confirm fitment)
note: looks like main difference from N54 and N55 FMIC is the charge pipe fitting.
Should be able to use N54 FMIC with custom pip'n - not tested yet.
HELIX does carry the specific charge pipe for N55.

  1. BMS Meth
  2. Procede PVM
    member jjurroz install picts

  1. STETT Performance - in the works // looks like the N54 version will work- not tested
  2. AR Oil Cooler - looks like this application should fit / not tested yet for N55
  3. ER Oil Cooler


  1. AMS Exhaust (confirmed fitment Juiced46)
  2. BMW Performance Exhaust
    (Sound Clip)
  3. Remus RACE quad exhaust (madmanhiker confirmed fitment and sound clip) (Sound Clip)
  4. Muffler Delete (shockin330i tested)
  5. Vanguard Exhaust (confirmed fitment Frankie90) (Sound Clip)
  6. CP-E Exhaust (Alpine335TT will be test'n)
  7. RSD (EVC) Exhaust (confirmed fitment bavarianx- LINK to picts)
  8. Borla Exhaust (sound clip w/ N55 135)
  9. britalman exhaust (tested by CPWINCH)
  10. Harman motive (Vishunu) exhaust (tested by JDMHolic)
  11. Akrapovic evolution exhaust (tested by JDMHolic)
    (Sound Clip)
  12. Agency Power for the 135 ti-tip
  13. 3d design (quad setup)
  14. Dinan exhaust (same as N54)

note: In general most N54 exhaust for non-XI have been fit'n with the N55.

  1. 42nd Draft Design OCC (DIY by Itsquick)

N55 Downpipe install w/ pics by Sloppy (XI)

Blowup pics of N55 Downpipe /Turbo -
Courtsey of Matt@Camber-toe LINK

PICTS of N55 exhaust 335i not 335ix

PICTS of N55 exhuast 335ix

-they list it as "15731 RECALL" - OPEN CAMPAIGN SIB 12 22 10.

VERSION 2.40.1 (previous)
VERSION 2.42 (being confirmed by shockin)
VERSION 2.43 (latest as of 4/2011 - to be confirmed)
VERSION 2.44 (latest release)

LINK TO DISCUSSION thread for update:

ALSO to note:
Charge pipe sensor changed
03/11 production build and newer has new sensor.

N55 CODE LIST by [N55]

-Performance modding is at your own risk,
Do your research, be informed and make your
decision wisely. No one is advocating you to do anything.
always consider time for installation and removal for your
mods. If you don't know post up and ask. Happy modding!


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