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Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
You nearly had me for a moment

But ....

The 6fl is sold as a USB interface for the connection of mp3 devices INCLUDING IPODS.
Don't mean to be picky, but if you are going to keep arguing this - i) That is an american article and ii) The headline clearly states USB option for music players and memory keys i.e. is GENERIC and doesn't state Ipod (which is similar to the wording of the option itself - I checked last night). Your last point is key here - if the dealer didn't mention ipods in selling it then I think we're going to struggle to argue it should be included because the car, from the factory "does what it says on the tin".

Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post

BMW already offer a specific IPOD interface, but this one is supposed to work with all MP3 players / usb memory sticks.
Exactly, so this ISN'T an IPOD interface it is generic... you're providing counter arguments there

Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post

The phone kit comparison is NOT a good one.
I disagree - it is a great one, the bluetooth has a parallel in the generic connection mechanism of USB and the cradle has a parallel in terms of the cable required. The USB interface will work without the cable (cradle) in the same way the bluetooth will work without the cradle ! There's a danger we can take the analogy too far but I think it's far from not being a good one (if that isn't a double negative).

Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
Anyone who specified the 6fl because their dealer told them it would work 'out of the box' as an ipod connection should be given the cable for free, because they have been misled.
We agree on this and I think this is the only really strong part of your argument - if you were sold an "Ipod" adaptor then you have a case, otherwise I think by wording it as a USB/Audio interface you don't really.

Who's side am I on anyway...I'm the one who wants the free cable Just playing devil's advocate.
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