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Originally Posted by silverbmwz3 View Post
Don't mean to be picky, but if you are going to keep arguing this - i) That is an american article and ii) The headline clearly states USB option for music players and memory keys i.e. is GENERIC and doesn't state Ipod (which is similar to the wording of the option itself - I checked last night). Your last point is key here - if the dealer didn't mention ipods in selling it then I think we're going to struggle to argue it should be included because the car, from the factory "does what it says on the tin".

Exactly, so this ISN'T an IPOD interface it is generic... you're providing counter arguments there

I disagree - it is a great one, the bluetooth has a parallel in the generic connection mechanism of USB and the cradle has a parallel in terms of the cable required. The USB interface will work without the cable (cradle) in the same way the bluetooth will work without the cradle ! There's a danger we can take the analogy too far but I think it's far from not being a good one (if that isn't a double negative).

We agree on this and I think this is the only really strong part of your argument - if you were sold an "Ipod" adaptor then you have a case, otherwise I think by wording it as a USB/Audio interface you don't really.

Who's side am I on anyway...I'm the one who wants the free cable Just playing devil's advocate.
I think you are arguing the dealers case far too strongly. In your position if I had to pay for the cable I would do it. However, I do think this is a sneaky and petty minded little trick for a dealer to play.

BMW have designed the USB connection to read mp3's off any compatible storage device. They designed it so that the tag data (artist name etc) can be displayed and the file structure can be navigated using the car's controls.

I can accept that it is a 'generic' connection for USB players. However the worlds most popular USB music player is the Apple Ipod. BMW know this and if there is a compatability issue they have a moral and legal obligation to make this clear.

Otherwise it would be like selling a 'generic' vacuum cleaner attachment for 'all vacuums' which doesn't fit a Dyson or a Hoover.

I have something like 5000 tracks on my ipod. Any interface device that doesn't navigate the file structure is completely pointless. Yes I can play my tracks, but I could do that anyway via the aux in ... and if I use the aux in my albums are not all messed up.

If this device will not browse the ipod file structure, work with DRM music or play ipod tracks from an apple mac without a special cable (which is only commercially available from BMW) then BMW have an absolute duty to explain this at the point of sale.

I don't think this is happening. In fact I would bet that dealers are telling people that they can connect their ipod to this thing and control it through the steering wheel buttons - without mentioning the cable at all!

Going back to the bluetooth phone - my point is that my phone connection is FULLY FUNCTIONAL without the 'optional' cradle. BMW are also careful to explain that the cradle is optional ... (it says this in the brochure in fact - and I bet the ipod cable ISN'T mentioned anywhere in the BMW sales literature).

In contrast - it sounds as though my 5000 track ipod would be totally crippled if I connected it without the BMW cable. Using the phone analogy (for me) it would be like having the phone kit without a working microphone.

I don't mind the cable being an additional cost, but it has to be mentioned at the point of sale. If my dealer had led me to believe that this thing would control my ipod - then subsequently admitted it wouldn't unless I paid him £40 for an extra cable - then he would have a very disgruntled customer on his hands.

So far as I am concerned failing to explain the cable issue is BMW's mistake and I would expect them to pay to put it right.

Most people will just put up with this and pay the £40 though - which is fine - that's how the world works.

What BMW really need to do is put the little box of tricks that it fitted onto the cable into the USB connection itself - so any cable will do the job.