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I purchased the 06 325i from Russel in Oct. 05. They do have a lot of turn over is sales. My CA left one week after my purchase and he was only there about one year. Service was spotty at first but they have a new service manager and he is trying. Their service customer service has improved dramatically in the last six months. Seems like I am there about every three months so I see them too much for my pleasure.

Cindy Hahn is my service advisor and honestly if she wasn't there I probably would not deal with them. She came over from VW (Russel) and is very helpful. She will do whatever she can but will not go the extra mile like some dealers do. They do seem to try to get you too pay for what you should not and are not helpful if you have an issue that makes them deal with BMWNA. Ex. I had to fight the Bridgestone runflat problem with no help from them with Bridgestone and BMWNA; I had the BT issue and made several repeat visits to the dealership until I saw the fix here on the forum and let them know what to do; and they ordered me a new fob (BMW logo fell off) , they programmed the key but deactivated comfort access which I discovered when leaving the dealership, then they could not find the old key so I had to come back the next day with both fobs so they could figure out which one to activate (the car is programmed so only two fobs can have comfort access working at a time-BMW evidently assigns several fobs as replacements to a car).

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