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Originally Posted by TX335 View Post
Just called some places to get quotes. Was told the MSRP for the Gold plan on an 08 335i with 35k miles was:

6/100: $3040
7/100: $3490
7/70: $3140

One of the places told me he'd knock $150 off. I've emailed other dealerships in the area with the $150 off quotes to see what their best price is. I copied all the dealerships on the same email so they know that they have competition. I'll report back with my findings.
Those prices look like legit msrp (you see from this thread that some dealerships mark up above msrp). If you're charged sales tax in your state, try to keep that in mind when you determine what price you want to pay. I was told the BMW warranties provide less of a margin than the aftermarkets that the dealerships also sell, but it was a finance mgr. telling me that. I think 10% off with no sales tax is reasonable, but that's my opinion, neither here nor there. Good luck!