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Originally Posted by BKV122 View Post
OK so I went ahead today since it was a warm sunny day here in NY to pull my headlight out (removed bumper, headlight washers etc.) to see what was up.

Well I found exactly what the OP found with the servo arm out of the socket as i tried to put the arm back into the socket it just wouldn't reach. Upon further observation i found that the manual adjustment screw/control arm was broken (circled in red in picture). Don't think its fixable other than buying a whole new assembly. So i lifted by the xenon bulb area to pull the whole inner guts uip so i could try and get the servo back into the socket which i was successful but when i put everything back together still no good with the auto level (it does a little more now but not what it used to do. I will possibly replace the housing at a later date now that i know what the problem is and what i gotta do.

Thanks for the info timmahh, I would have brought it to the dealer in a few days to have them probably tell me exactly what they told you that everything is fine.
Are you under warranty still?
Where exactly are you seeing that broken part? The adjustment screws start at the back and have a long thread to the front which I believe connects to two little arms (u/d, l/r) that then snap around a plastic white "+" like your picture.

My DRL/Hi-Flash was also messed up and out of whack!

Originally Posted by JUSTIN335 View Post
Are the cornering/turning/auto-leveling headlights standards on the e92 or are they part of the premium package or something?
Should be std. on 335, comes w/ premium package on 328 I think..

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