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Originally Posted by ********* View Post
Did you get those errors after reconnecting the battery?

My car always gives me a 4x4, ABS, DSC, etc errors when I reconnect my battery. I just drive off and they go away after everything reinitializes.

I've never had to manually reinitialize my steering wheel.

OP, I don't think your doing any damage to the car. When our car is off, the front wheels spin freely when they are off the ground....the rear does not. So it only engages when slippage is detected and power needs to transfered to the front axle.
Yup, except I didn't drive the car. (In fact it happened once and I didn't even disconnect the battery. I had just gotten the car back from having the Performance Power Kit installed. The next morning it came up when I had the BT tool connected. I did the adjusting of the steering angle sensor and noted down how I did it to report here.) I had just put the car back together from retrofitting an oil cooler. It would come up whenever I started. After I adjusted the steering angle sensor the errors no longer came up.

I also noticed the front wheels spin freely when the vehicle is up. This is an interesting view about how the system works. Does anyone know for sure whether it is safe to drive the car like this/with these errors?