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Originally Posted by Yogijet View Post
I bet it's the X3M. I wonder what engine it'll use. The current in the 1SMC or the upcoming engine in the next M3? Latter probably too far away in time.
SCOTT has already suggested that the Z4M will preview the new M3 engine similar to how the F25 X3 previewed the new F2x/F3x 1/3 chassis.

The engine will no doubt be a turbo I6. If the X3M comes first (before the Z4M, I mean) then I suspect that the engine will be in a lower state of tune than the M3 will have, similar to how the X5/X6 M have an S63 that is tuned differently to how it will be in the new F10 M5.

It's also possible that the M3 will actually get a similar yet different engine based on a brand new series I6 since its far enough out that such an engine may debut by that time. In other words, if there's a new "N56" planned for release in the next few years, M3 will probably get an "S56", while Z4M and X3M will almost surely get an S55 base on the current N55.
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