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Originally Posted by icedragon
Well, I think $2500 may be asking for a lot. I bought mine from a salesperson because 1) he happened to be my aunt's friend and 2) I like to have a person I can turn to (or yell at) when my car has problems. Anyway, I can give u his contact info if u want. For a 330i, he would definitely give you at least $1200 off, plus the expected floor mats, etc.
i spoke to a dealer today and mentioned i used carcostcanada to help me in my shopping. i asked him what type of deal he can make as that was all that was holding me back from signing. he said on a 330 they can take $2,000 off MSRP.

that was right off the bat.. no haggling or even going in to see him.

he did however ask me to let him confirm and get back to me. IMO, $2000 off msrp is pretty decent. do you think he'll come back and tell me he can't do that much?

we'll see what happens.

where does your uncle work? and what's his name if i do decide to contact him?