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Originally Posted by hchaniar View Post
I received mine this afternoon and I soon figured out that these are difficult to install if you don't have small hands. I started at 5pm and I finally figured it all out by around 7pm (after some blood sweat and tears). No joke trying to cram my hand into the E93 headlight housing I got all scratched up and even drew some blood.

Tip: just trying to screw on the lights with your fingertips isn't gonna cut it, you gotta get all up in there, put some pressure on the bulb and turn with a good grip. It looks me 1.5hrs to get the first one and after that was able to do the other one in 1/2 hour.

For you E92/E93 people out there, the first few posts on this thread has some good pictures to locate the headlight housing if you aren't familiar under the hood:

After it's all said and done, I'm happy with the purchase and the results looks good. No issues after a test drive, no error codes or flickering issues. Lets just hope they last a lifetime, I do not want to change bulbs again if I can help it.
Took me 2 hours to install mine too! My large hands were cramping bad! Had to sit down, have a beer, and count to 10. Persistence paid off and they look awesome.