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Originally Posted by Tronner View Post
The install guide could use a few more pics for the "T" marking trick (which I should have taken but I'm not going back in there now that they're in haha). As I read the guide, I thought that I should orient the LUX the way it looked in the pics and put a mark on the heat sink directly above that tab. In reality, that did not work, but these steps should:

1. Look at the orientation of the terminal on your stock bulbs when they come out of the housing (the driver side comes out with the terminal basically straight up, the passenger side comes out with the terminal turned about 90 degrees to the right as you look into the housing).

2. Orient the stock bulbs the way they were when they came out and look at the "T". Make the "T" on the Lux match up with the stocker, then place a small mark on the top dead center of the heat sink so you can see it when the bulb is inside of the housing.

3. With the mark dead on top you can get very close to having each one lined up when they go in, then when you feel it "seat" reasonably, just put your fingers in the back or bottom of the heat sink and push in slightly while turning them to the left.

4. Try to get a reasonable grip on heatsink and turn it to the left enough to make sure it's secure.

Once I figured that out it took me about 15 minutes to do the whole install, and it was very straight forward. They look great! I'll post some pics of them tomorrow!
By turning to the left, you mean right (clockwise) in the direction the lights are pointing, right?