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Originally Posted by vasillalov View Post

Hasn't it occurred to you that Mike/Terry could be exploiting this whole deal and acquiring more know-how on how to "improve" the next JB variant?

I mean, at what point do you guys stop educating them? Let them figure this stuff out for once. All we need is for the mods to create a sticky thread at the top with a few selected informational and technical posts and call it a day. ...that or AltecBX needs to add a few columns to the Tune Comparison Chart and put that stuff in there, so that all the new members have a way of learning what's what.
dont get me wrong, im into making money and profiting off of knowledge. but there comes a point when even the best tuner may have to return to the drawing board for reassessment.

if this sparks that change, doesnt that benefit potential customers ???

during my hey day i had a friend everyone called "secrets" -- and yes his cars were fast but they were built in my garage ... so they werent "that" secret to me..

when you race, you need an edge -- but if you tune for the fun of it.. you share -- just like Linux, Torvalds spawned it from minix and other people tagged along.. two heads are better than one