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Originally Posted by Snootch View Post
Any updates on this? Doing some research on this, found some information from the unlikeliness of sources, the Dodge Charger forums:

Apparently there is an optional multimedia interface called MyGig available for the Dodge Charger and Avenger and it is HDD based. it seems to use a PATA 30GB HDD, and a QNX4 filesystem. It is also interestingly enough made by Harmann-Becker (German Company) which I bet is the source for the iDrive system as well. It looks like in the first link I posted they are looking to do the same thing we are trying to do. Here's a link to the Mygig forums where they discuss lots of stuff regarding swapping drives:

It seems Acronis can clone a drive with QNX partitions, I wonder if it can extend them? I may see if I can get a hold of QNX4 and install it on a laptop, then try to extend a partition. still researching...

EDIT: Think I found the solution. Check out this post from

So it looks like it may be possible to delete the music partition once the drive has been cloned, and create a new replacement partition using the remaining space on the new HDD. Now here's the problem. I know nothing of Linux... Anyone familiar with the OS, and can help hammer out a process to delete and create partitions uning the Linux command line?

Oh, and I was able to find a few PATA HDD's:

Any updates on this?
If you still need help with the linux stuff shoot me a PM.
Better yet, If you can dd the drive to a local file that would probably be best =D