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Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
I have to disagree w/ you guys saying GSP uses size and strength to out muscle people at 170. When in fact GSP is fairly small for 170, he only cuts roughly 10lbs before a fight, he is much smaller than guys like Thiago Alvares. GSP uses flawless technique and amazing speed for his takedowns, thats why they are so affective

look at the way he closes distance when he goes for a take down, its lighting fast. I dont think he will loose one bit of speed by going up in weight, not only cause the type of training he does but also the type of diet he will use to get the extra weight

still cant wait for this, look how much attention this is getting and the fight is still theoretical
I agree with everything you said other than GSP's weight. I met him 2 years ago, right before his first fight with Fitch, and he told me he weighed 186. I believe he weighs a bit more since then. So I think he is a bit bigger than you think.

But I think you are definitely right, his technical ability is so strong, the fact Silva is a little bigger isn't going to make a huge difference in my opinion. I suspect GSP will get to 195 natural weight before this fight and cut 10 lbs. I suspect Silva is 200-205 at his natural weight when he is fighting at 185.
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