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Originally Posted by Bavarian III View Post
Beautiful , love those seats!! That's a nice color too.

Looks like Infiniti jacked Ruby Black from BMW.

Jk. I may seem ignorant, but what is an IPL G37? Is it a higher performance version? I will say that I've never seen those wheels on one, before. I bet it sounds really sexy.
Hahaha, no problem. I didn't know a thing about IPL either go back 2 weeks, lol. Like I said, given my situation, I thought I was gonna end up with a vanilla 6MT G

It's Infiniti Performance Line, like the BMW "is" and Audi S-line. It adds stiffer suspension, different intake/exhaust, some engine tuning management a bodykit, different wheels and unique colors. The result isn't all that special power-wise, but handling does become more predictable when pushed.

I thought about it long and hard. I have no problem living with the G's shortcomings for the next 3 years. After that I'll probably want something different, but that's perfect timing for me.