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New dyno runs

After I got 2 new Vanos Solenoids and got my HPF exhaust installed and updated my Procede maps to the new V5 1-21 Beta Maps I decided to head back to Mach V and put down some numbers. The power difference(hp and tq) in the new maps is noticeable in the mid range rpm(2500-5000); power was MUCH more noticeable end. There was about 100whp and 100wtq gain at the 6700-7100rpm range!! POWER ALL THE WAY TO REDLINE....FINALLY(great work Vishnu)!! Between the HPF exhaust and the new maps I was very pleased with the changes. The exhaust was able to help the turbos spool more efficiently but as HPF said, these gains will be much more noticeable after the turbos/turbo are upgraded. (450+whp) These runs were done on the same dyno at Mach V Motorsports, the only difference in the runs were the maps(V4 firmware #29 vs V5 1-21 beta), exhaust, the ambient temps and only 5 gallons of Sunoco 104 vs last time when I added 10 the octane on the first runs were obviously higher. about 100octane the first go round and 98 the second time. The ambient temps on the first runs(blue) were 61F and the second set of runs(red) were recorded at 71F. That explains the HP loss, I know its only a few HP but Dan(owner of Mach V) said that temps alone would explain the loss. The overall Tq gain was VERY evident(+27wtq peak) on pump gas and I believe that was partly due to the HPF exhaust. Even on the 50/50 mix (93 and 104=98 roughly) runs showed a 10wtq peak gain...again I believe it was due to the exhaust. I will post some videos and more charts when I have more time. I also datalogged each run so you hardcore guys can see whats going on behind the scenes on each of the new runs. They will be posted shortly...The first dyno is on pump and it compares the old run(blue) to the new runs(red). The thing I am most pleased with is the power is held all the way to redline as apposed to the old maps where power dropped significantly after 6500rpm. Any feedback is greatly appreciated...and again I will post the logs shortly, they are on a different computer and I need to transfer the them to this new laptop. Let me know your thoughts...good or bad.

If for some reason you have compatibility issues with viewing the dynos here is the photobucket link:
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