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Originally Posted by GODS951 View Post
Any reason why you're still rockin' lucent plates?
Well, the existence of a question such as yours is probably the primary reason.

Btw, I'm the guy you parked next to @ the petersen automotive museum. You almost hit me with your side view mirror during you concerted effort to park next to me, despite there being open space all over the parking structure. Nice car, but cocky attitude FTL!
I haven't stopped laughing since seeing this post. Other people won't notice this so I'll explain. This board member has just edited his post AGAIN. The notification I received from showed one message, and by the time I had a chance to login and see the thread, "Gods951" had already edited his fantastic "zinger" from one set of words to yet another. Seems as if he was VERY intent on demonstrating his "great" attitude while admonishing me for what he perceived to be my "cockiness." So good of him to take the time to come online and point this out in a public forum. Speaks volumes about how charming and even tempered he truly must be.

And for the record, I did park next to an E46 M3 and did so because I rationalized that someone which such a lovely car was probably considerably less likely to ding one of my doors than if I were to park in an open area only to have a schmuck show up and crowd me after I had walked away from my car.

AND, when I did park next to this M3, the driver was STILL in his car, and after the initial "pull-in" I re-aligned myself such that I could maximize the amount of space between the right side of my car and the E46 M3 that I was parking next to - just as a courtesy and consideration. I guess that's also part of my "cocky attitude."

After 20 years of time trial and auto cross events, I can safely say that the only way I am going to hit another car's door mirror is if it jumps off the car its attached to and throws itself into my path.

1.) Did I touch your car? No. There is no "almost." Please see "horseshoes and hand grenades."

2.) Did I "re-adjust" my position as a courtesy to you to maximize the amount of space you could have adjacent your driver's door? Yes. Please look up "considerate."

3.) Did I park next to your car in deference to the fact that you had what I thought was a nice car and would probably be a respectful individual? Yes. I even graciously smiled at you and said "hello" when I got out of my car. Please look up "respect."

4.) Did you take such extreme offense that where you once had NO cars parked around you and when before your very eyes you now had someone alongside you, that you then went online and when presented with the opportunity to vent your spleen you did so with such deliberate intent that you actually edited your post even AFTER it was made public? Yes. Is this reflective of a great attitude? I think the rest of the board can draw their own conclusions.

Its funny. You could have come online saw this thread, posted something to the effect of "nice car - saw you at the Peterson" or something along those lines and you would have been perceived as gracious and friendly. But no. You had to sign online and concoct a post to make yourself feel better over nothing. Boy, you sure showed me!


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