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Originally Posted by Walked U View Post

FYI the 335i has better stopping power than the out going m3.

Bigger calipers also.

And the 335i suspension is a lot more refined than the m3's. Yes the m3's suspension is better for the twisties. But as for cruising when your going 155 mph in a m3 you know your going 155.

Anyone that has owned a m3 and 335i can tell you the 335i's suspension is a lot softer. In my girlfriends old m3 You can feel every fucking bump you went over.
two entirely different machines with two entirely different purposes...the stiffer suspension, etc. attest to this....

FYI.... braking is not better....but a moot point, as 3 feet is not for perceived speeds vs. reality...the m3 is more stable, imo...(i have spent considerable time on the highway in a 335i....4 hour road trip)....