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Some of you are very confused on the whole installation process...

SOME coil overs are easy to install. They come pre-assembled because they include camber plates. These take about 2 hours to install, tops, since the entire front end comes out, you plop in the new parts, and VOILA! Done plus alignment. Some of the "pro-sumer" type that comes with new strut hats or camber plates can be cheaper to install.

Most coil overs are harder, especially if it requires the use of the OEM front strut hats. It means having to take the front suspension off, put the springs on a compressor, disassemble the strut hat, compress the coil-over springs, then re-installing the front strut hat. On a coil over without existing strut hat assembly it can EASILY take 1.5x the work time, especially if the shop only has one set of spring compressors.

So anyone here telling you that any coil over installation should only take $200-$300 doesn't know what they're talking about. It'll range from $200-$500 depending on the complexity and what came with the coil overs and if they're already pre-assembled. HUGE difference in the amount of labor involved.

That and it'll take another $100-$200 for proper alignment.
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