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Bluetooth Steps

Insert the key into the dash

Press the menu button on the head unit and select the telephone icon with the selector (the button that looks like the volume control, but on the opposite side)

(Make sure you have taken bluetooth as an option as many owners think they have it because the proffesional radio unit comes automatically with a telephone icon on the far right hand side)

press it in to select

The button under the LCD display are prompts and relate to each word displayed above that button.

Press the BT button and then start a search for new devices on your cellphone

When the phone finds the car ( body number will come up on phone ) choose your own 4 digit passkey and enter it in the phone , the car will then recognise the phone and will ask for the same passkey you chose for the cellphone

Once entered "BT Paired " should come up on the display and there will be a loud beep

Turn the car off and start the car ( I do this to end the search process)

The phone will then be paired up

If you pair additional phones the car will recognise the last phone to enter the car.

In terms of normal phone functions , follow the prompts under the LCD display (eg a-z = phonebook , missed calls etc and use the selector button to navigate ( by turning left to right and selecting by pushing in )

The phone button on the steeringwheel will automatically dial the displayed contact and hang-up if pressed again

the arrows on the right of the steering can also be used to navigate through the phonebook