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Originally Posted by GODS951 View Post
LMAO! Fantastic story buddy. You say can't stop laughing, but your reply says otherwise.
My reply did its job. Your response discredited you, perfectly.

You seem a little defensive to me .
Some people come to messages boards such as this to learn, ask questions and maybe even make some good contacts. Others use it as a forum to work out their anger issues. What can be said about someone who joins in a thread that's sole purpose is the presentation of a car to take issue with the thread creator on a matter that has nothing to do with the car or the thread? If ANY part of what you originally said was true, what part of it couldn't have been communicated directly to me?

You are transparent. You wanted to stir the pot, and you did. You will no doubt try and get the last word again, further proving my point.

I have no need to explain what happened,
Which is of course, why you entered into a pleasant thread to explain to a bunch of disinterested 3rd parties what happened (or so you think).

but I do have to say, if things went down as you explained, do you really think I would have labeled you "cocky"?
You're not the first attention troll in the board world - and you won't be the last, either.

I edited my post because of a typo,
Actually, no. I have the full text of what you originally posted. You didn't correct a typo. You changed the message from one jab to another. So, essentially, I have proof that you're a liar.

Maybe you'd like one of the forum admins to pull the record? Or maybe you should just quit before you put your feet any further in your mouth.

you my friend edited your entire story.
They say reality is perception. And you're certainly entitled to your own. But when you want to thrust it upon a group, needlessly to serve your ego, well, then, you're out of line.


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