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Originally Posted by SurferDude View Post
Whats going on guys! My names Ryan, I'm from Mississauga Hwy 10 and Eglinton and I just picked up a 2011 323i, Alpine White, 6 speed. LOVE IT!! Question for some of you. How do you guys wash your cars in the winter? I am so nervous to go to a coin op or a touch less car wash. Don't want any swirls...but I hate seeing my car dirty!! Do you guys use ONR?
Welcome! Im new too

I wouldn't take it to a touchless car wash where the guys at the end wipe it dry....they will definitely do a number on your car with the swirls.

There are some car washes associated with Esso that you drive through and at the end there is a dryer that gets most of the water. I use that from time to time. No swirls etc since no one is wiping it down. I then park it to the side and wipe any water left with my own soft towel.

Other than that, love and care by doing it yourself is the only option.